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HFQ#8: Fungi Need Names



Mystery Mushroom #1

Photo: Georgia Silvera Seamans

Actually, it’s humans who need fungi names.

World traveler, local ecologist and urban arborist Georgia Silvera Seamans poses a question for all you mycologists.

Can anyone identify these Malaysian fungi? Georgia writes that the photos were taken May 2009 and the mushrooms found β€œon Gunung Mat Chincang Mountain, Langkawi, Malaysia.”



Mystery mushroom #2, found on Gunung Mat Chincang Mountain, Langkawi, Malaysia

Photo: Georgia Silvera Seamans

Georgia, here are a few resources that might help. A three-page photo gallery of Malaysian fungi; a site dedicated to β€œrainforest fungi” (not sure whether Gunung Mat Chincang stands in the rainforest), and this survey that looked at 67 fungal colonies (it’s author, H.L. Lee, may be able to help if you contact her/him directly)

Mushroom experts may reply here or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at Local Ecology. As ever, thank you, Georgia.

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Thank you Julie. 

Fungi #2 resembles the red cup mushroom in color (, but not in form or size.

Posted by Georgia on 09/05 at 08:23 AM
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